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Come on over to Sydney this summer – Highlights this xmas...

If you are hoping to spend your holidays in the summer sun and are looking to avoid the seasonal Gold Coast traffic, come on over to birthplace of Australia and have a grand time in Sydney.  You can certainly spend time relaxing on the beach or enjoying the surf during your Christmas time.  There is also ample opportunity to windsurf and windglide.  Ringing in the New Year is a spectacular site if you take in one of the largest fireworks displays in the world.  The brightly blooming flowers of light will shower the sky with their transient sparks, as the fireworks boom over Sydney Harbor.

You can carry on with the parade of festivals literally, by the time you get to Mardi Gras with an Australian flair.  In between the New Year’s bash and the parades of purple, green, and gold, you can get in on the Australia Day celebrations and then experience the joy of welcoming in the Chinese New Year.  Sydney Festival unfurls a bevy of theatrical, musical, dance performances across the city for the delight of all who partake.  There are any number of outdoor cinemas, which are unique reflections of this famed city.  In fact, the largest short film festival in the world, Tropfest, takes place in Sydney.

If you want the thrill of watching watercraft race, there is the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race that begins on Boxing Day.  What a way to spend the day after Christmas, ay?  Carry on being surrounded by the great outdoors by strolling through the Royal Botanic Gardens.  This may be a safer way to take in the flora of this country, as well as seeing plants, trees, and flowers from other parts of the globe.  You can go bush walking, if there are no reports of brush fire.  You can go on a walking tour of this city or even take a cruise on the harbor.

You will not starve while you are there, since Sydney does pride itself on its stamp on cuisine.  There is even the Royal National Park when you want to mix downtime with the outdoors.  Finding something to do in the summertime is not a tough task when you choose the city, which houses the world renowned Opera House. There is a great possibility that spending time in this berg, will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

Fitness in Sydney this year

Big city life can be hard on a person when it comes to losing weight and staying in shape. It can be even harder if the person is trying to gain muscle in addition to burning fat. If you live in the city of Sydney and you are trying to figure out a way to stay fit, then you first have to examine yourself in the mirror. If losing fat is your number one priority then you must first focus on eating nutritious foods and doing cardiovascular exercise for at least 20 minutes per day. This is the rule of losing fat no matter where you live. In a big city like Sydney, you are very fortunate because there are plenty of gyms that you can join to accomplish the exercise portion. Now if you need help figuring out the right foods to eat, then you should definitely hire a personal trainer in the gym you end up joining. Not only will they teach you about the exercises that you need to do, but they will also write a weekly meal plan for you to follow. This plan will let you know what times of the day you are supposed to eat along with what your meals will be. One of the most reputable gyms in Sydney is called “City Gym Sydney.” This is where all of Australia’s greatest athletes, models and bodybuilders go to get in shape. So, if you want a serious transformation in your physique then you should join the City Gym right away.

If you are a tourist in Sydney that wants to stay fit during your travels, then don’t be discouraged because there are a number of hotels in Sydney that have top quality fitness centers in them. The Cambridge Suites Hotel is a perfect example of a hotel that allows their guests the very best when it comes to their physical fitness. They actually have a rooftop fitness center, which gives off spectacular views of Sydney Harbor. That way you don’t have to feel cooped up indoors while doing your fitness activities. However, if you really want to get fit outdoors then you should visit Bondi Beach. The beautiful golden sands are soft on your feet, which mean it is great for walking on and getting your cardiovascular exercise. If you are into swimming and surfing, then those activities are easily available right in the ocean water. Sydney is such a beautiful city and the fact that it is a coastal city means that the views are going to be spectacular when getting fit outside.

The best places to eat in Sydney

Sydney Australia is a major player on the world stage when it comes to good food. Not only does Sydney have some of the best cuisine around, it has the greatest atmosphere. Whilst being a large metropolitan city it also has a great local vibe to it. With fresh seafood caught locally on the menu all across this vibrant city. Some of the worlds top chefs have restaurants right here in the city. And they do an amazing job of bringing the worlds best food and freshest ingredients to this part of the world.

What could be better than sitting in one of the most architecturally beautiful cities in the world this summer? Apart from maybe eating in that city. The food scene is diverse and rich. From world class restaurants that charge $400 a head, to street food cooked by genuine foodies. It’s impossibly to compare these two worlds. They are as different as coffee and tea. But here are four favourite places to eat in the beautiful city of Sydney.

1: Tetsuya’s

The first thing that strikes you about Japanese home cooked friendly atmosphere of Tetsuya is the smell. That beautiful smell of Japanese food that is as authentic and enticing as any place in Tokyo or Kyoto. It has an air of elegance and yet always feels homely and welcoming. The staff are always so friendly and sweet. My advice to anyone coming here is take your time. Very often people come to a great place like this and then complain about waiting. Set aside a couple of hours and sit with this great group of staff.

2: Longrain

Taking pride of place on Commonwealth Street is this Thai restaurant. Well know for being lively and vibrant. One of the most happening places in Sydney. You can find a tasty array of food on show here in this two story Thai food palace. They specialise in great pork dishes too.

3: Quay Restaurant

Offering some of the freshest produce in the country. And also boasting the world famous Snow Egg. A favourite for wedding receptions and birthdays because of its diverse menu. One of the best locations to eat in the world scenery wise. This is a particular favourite for film stars and the high net worth individuals that entertain guests in Sydney. If you plan on spending the day lounging on the nearby beach, don’t forget to protect your skin from the powerful Sydney sun.

4: Jonah’s Restaurant

The only thing that can distract  you from the food is the view. A prime location on the edge of the harbour you can see everything Sydney has to offer as you chow down on some of the top rated food in the country. The fish dishes here have been rated as some of the best in the world.

Whatever your taste in food. Sydney has a spot for you.

Guide to wedding photos in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities on earth and a prime tourist destination.  It is also chock full of many great places to take fantastic wedding photos.  In fact, there are far more suggestions than we could ever get around to in the scope of this article, however, we will mention some of the more desirable ones.  With that said, let’s begin.

The Rocks:
Our first suggestion is located smack dab in the center of Sydney:  The Rocks.  With its hearty mix of richly textured backdrops, fantastic architecture plus hidden little alleyways, it makes a great location to shoot some great wedding photographs.  Also, by virtue of its central location near the harbor, it is very close to some outstanding reception venues and historical landmarks.

Royal Botanics:
Next up is the Royal Botanic Gardens.  Seeing that it is a prime destination for folks seeking relaxation and peaceful tranquility, it only stands to reason it is also a great location for some wedding photographs.  It is right in the heart of Sydney; the Royal Botanic Garden is brimming with prime backdrops where you can take pictures of your special day.

Seeing that Sydney is situated along one of the more beautiful shorelines on the planet, we would be remiss if we did not mention wedding photography locations on the waterfront.  The beaches are world famous and offer options such as taking the photos with yachts sailing in the background, glistening waters for a backdrop and so forth.

Lavender Bay:
Lavender Bay, located just north of the city itself is a huge favorite.  It provides a fantastic view of Sydney’s Harbor Bridge.  Additionally there are some beautiful gardens, along with ancient tunnels and walls surrounding the vicinity.  And get this; there are excellent places nearby such as Manly and Mosman where you can also hold a wedding reception.

Sydney University:
Another spot, which may at first thought seem odd but is wildly popular, is the University of Sydney.  With flawless landscaping and lush tree coverage, it not only makes a perfect spot for wedding photos, but the ceremony and reception as well.  Definitely something to think about.

There are so many places in and around Sydney that make great wedding photo locations that you could literally go into thousands and thousands of words describing them.  The best advice is when looking for a photographer that you find one who is well versed in the finest wedding photo places.  Also, make sure that they have a healthy portfolio of previous wedding shoots from these locations so you can get a good idea as to how they will turn out.

Things to Do While Visiting Sydney Australia

Experience what Sydney Australia has to offer any time of the year.  Sydney is one of the most loved destinations because of its incredible natural beauty, beaches, and weather.  However, there is so much more.

5 Popular Sydney Tours

1)      Taking advantage of the city bus tour is the most popular way to get acquainted with the city. The City Explorer is a huge red double-decker bus that your able to jump off and on for about 34 Sydney attraction stops.  There is a Blue Explorer bus that tours the harbor and Bondi Beach.

2)      There are Seaplane Tours where you can flight to lunch while enjoying the city from the air.

3)      Harbour Cruise Tours at Head to Circular Quay or King Street Wharf with a meal and entertainment included.

4)      For those who love speed ; the Jetboat tour will take you all around Sydney Harbour doing 360% fishtail spins.

5)      If you’d like to venture outside of Sydney, the best way to appreciate the sheer magnificence of the Red Centre, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the stunning Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) formations is from the air, flights to suit all needs from Sydney to Ayers rock.

Sporting Activities to Do In Sydney Australia

Sports lovers will enjoy Sydney in the winter months.  Sydney  sporting activities such as horse racing, golf, mud runs, walking and so much more will be going on. You must check out the Sydney Morning Herald Cole Classic if you’re an adventure swimmer.

Art and Cultural Events to Visit in Sydney

Art and Culture is all around you in Sydney from the Opera House to Vivid Sydney their annual light show. You can visit Sydney all year long and enjoy its thriving Arts and Culture scene.

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Theatre Company
  • White Rabbit Gallery
  • Art Gallery of New South Wales

Family Activities To Do In Sydney

Family Vacationing in Sydney can be very exciting for children.  There is so much to enjoy even for free such as Sydney parks, family friendly beaches, and museums all year round. Here are a few more family excursions your family of all ages to enjoy.

Interact with wildlife and see real penguins, sharks, octopus, lionfish and more.  There is something for you whether you are experienced or  a  first time diver.

  • Taronga Zoo
  • Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
  • Wild Life Sydney Zoo
  • Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

There are so many great Sydney tours to choose from. You will have to visit often to fit it all in. Do your research in advance to save precious time to enjoy the many things there is to do in Sydney Australia.

Historical Sites in Sydney

Sydney has a lot of beautiful places to visit especially if you like historical sites. The Cockatoo Island is one of such sites. It stands in the middle of the Sydney Harbour and is only minutes away from Circular Quay by ferry. The Cockatoo Island has simply breath taking views complete with waterfront camp grounds and a story for every inch of it. The Cockatoo was a prison of sorts between 1839 and 1869 and was converted to one of Australian’s largest ship years in 1857. Operation stopped sometime in 1991 however they are still quite a few relics of its past remaining complete with a great tennis court overlooking the harbour bridge and Sydney for your playing pleasure. You could also do some kayaking and fishing with adherence to certain regulations such as where to fish and where to pack your (own) kayak.

The Fort Denison is also located at the Sydney Harbour. Fort Denison, better known as the Pinchgut has been around for quite some time. In 1788, the Pinchgut was nothing but a rocky, aggressively steep island that welcomed the First Fleet. Today, it is a beautiful island with history, great scenery and wildly, beautiful nature; 3 things you just can’t buy.

The Hornby Lighthouse was built in 1858 just after the fatal Dunbar wreck on South Head. A nice stroll through the harbour’s heritage trail will take you there. The National Park at Middle Head also makes for great sightseeing.  From 1806 –the late 1900s, the park was a big part of the Country’s defence mechanism that could not be done without. Take a lovely walk and see the whole of the beautiful Harbour from here.

Away from the Harbour, you can find the Hyde Park Barracks Museum located at Macquarie Street. It was both designed and built by prisoners. The building held almost 16,000 inmates (all males) between 1819 and 1848. Feel like climbing something old? You could try the 19th century lighthouse or even the destroyer in the Australian National Maritime Museum located at Murray Street of Darling Harbour. Feel like tea in a distinguished and old house? The three storey house made of sandstone is the only one of its kind from the 19th century still standing complete with stables, gardens, laundry etc. Vaucluse House originally had 206 hectares but now has a still massive but smaller 10. Fancy old music history? Then take a tour through the Sydney Opera House rank with history and architecture that will simply take your breath away. If you like the everyday and nothing out of the ordinary, then visit the Susannah place Museum home to at least 100 ordinary, working class families between 1844 and 1990.

Some say Sydney is the land of the old, some don’t really agree, but everyone agrees it’s a land of wonderful things that tell old, deep stories that shaped today.

5 Wedding Locations in Sydney

I’m sure you’re here because you know that Sydney Australia a very popular location for a dream wedding. If you’ve never been to Sydney use this as a cheat sheet to get you up to speed about what this wonderful place has to offer.

Why pick Sydney Australia for your wedding venue?

Sydney is known for the most beautiful weather and crystal blue skies; not to mention having the most breathtaking beaches in the world adding to the ambience to any wedding venue.

You can be transported into an historical time zone with Sydney’s magnificent historical building and monuments.

Sydney has wedding decor amenities that make any photo opts amazing and memorable such as:

  • gardens
  • ponds
  • Clear blue skies.
  • fountains
  • Manicured lush lawns.
  • Historic monuments.
  • Amazing Sydney Harbor.

5 Wedding Venues in Sydney

  1. The Village Church is a notable and beautiful old sandstone structure with over 157 years of heritage and tradition. I want to add that Village Church is only a ten minute drive from the heart of the city of Sydney This is only one example of beautiful churches in Sydney.
  2. Bondi beach is one example of the many scenic beaches Sydney has to offer to set off the most romantic weddings. Having a beautiful beach wedding with the most breathtaking crystal clear beaches behind you will forever forge in the minds of your every attendee.
  3. Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney provides endless venue scenic possibilities for every size wedding. A botanical garden promises the most beautiful outdoor wedding venue a botanical garden wedding will never disappoint.
  4. Catamaran for your Luxury Yacht Wedding.  Why admire the beautiful beaches and harbor from a distance when you can have your dream wedding on its magical beauty while on the most elegant and luxurious chariot such as the Catamaran?
  5. Dunbar House (built in the 1830’s) in Watson’s Bay is fine choice for an elegant wedding with its historic charm and Great Gastsby feel. You can marry indoors or under the old oak tree in Robertson Park; eyes view of the Dunbar House with its beautiful mesmerizing harbor view.

For the last 6 years Sydney Australia was voted the most desired destination by readers surveyed in the world by two leading international travel magazines – Conde Naste Traveller and Travel and Leisure. Now you know why people from all over the world travel to make their dream wedding come true with these 5 Wedding Locations in Sydney.