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Guide to wedding photos in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities on earth and a prime tourist destination.  It is also chock full of many great places to take fantastic wedding photos.  In fact, there are far more suggestions than we could ever get around to in the scope of this article, however, we will mention some of the more desirable ones.  With that said, let’s begin.

The Rocks:
Our first suggestion is located smack dab in the center of Sydney:  The Rocks.  With its hearty mix of richly textured backdrops, fantastic architecture plus hidden little alleyways, it makes a great location to shoot some great wedding photographs.  Also, by virtue of its central location near the harbor, it is very close to some outstanding reception venues and historical landmarks.

Royal Botanics:
Next up is the Royal Botanic Gardens.  Seeing that it is a prime destination for folks seeking relaxation and peaceful tranquility, it only stands to reason it is also a great location for some wedding photographs.  It is right in the heart of Sydney; the Royal Botanic Garden is brimming with prime backdrops where you can take pictures of your special day.

Seeing that Sydney is situated along one of the more beautiful shorelines on the planet, we would be remiss if we did not mention wedding photography locations on the waterfront.  The beaches are world famous and offer options such as taking the photos with yachts sailing in the background, glistening waters for a backdrop and so forth.

Lavender Bay:
Lavender Bay, located just north of the city itself is a huge favorite.  It provides a fantastic view of Sydney’s Harbor Bridge.  Additionally there are some beautiful gardens, along with ancient tunnels and walls surrounding the vicinity.  And get this; there are excellent places nearby such as Manly and Mosman where you can also hold a wedding reception.

Sydney University:
Another spot, which may at first thought seem odd but is wildly popular, is the University of Sydney.  With flawless landscaping and lush tree coverage, it not only makes a perfect spot for wedding photos, but the ceremony and reception as well.  Definitely something to think about.

There are so many places in and around Sydney that make great wedding photo locations that you could literally go into thousands and thousands of words describing them.  The best advice is when looking for a photographer that you find one who is well versed in the finest wedding photo places.  Also, make sure that they have a healthy portfolio of previous wedding shoots from these locations so you can get a good idea as to how they will turn out.

5 Wedding Locations in Sydney

I’m sure you’re here because you know that Sydney Australia a very popular location for a dream wedding. If you’ve never been to Sydney use this as a cheat sheet to get you up to speed about what this wonderful place has to offer.

Why pick Sydney Australia for your wedding venue?

Sydney is known for the most beautiful weather and crystal blue skies; not to mention having the most breathtaking beaches in the world adding to the ambience to any wedding venue.

You can be transported into an historical time zone with Sydney’s magnificent historical building and monuments.

Sydney has wedding decor amenities that make any photo opts amazing and memorable such as:

  • gardens
  • ponds
  • Clear blue skies.
  • fountains
  • Manicured lush lawns.
  • Historic monuments.
  • Amazing Sydney Harbor.

5 Wedding Venues in Sydney

  1. The Village Church is a notable and beautiful old sandstone structure with over 157 years of heritage and tradition. I want to add that Village Church is only a ten minute drive from the heart of the city of Sydney This is only one example of beautiful churches in Sydney.
  2. Bondi beach is one example of the many scenic beaches Sydney has to offer to set off the most romantic weddings. Having a beautiful beach wedding with the most breathtaking crystal clear beaches behind you will forever forge in the minds of your every attendee.
  3. Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney provides endless venue scenic possibilities for every size wedding. A botanical garden promises the most beautiful outdoor wedding venue a botanical garden wedding will never disappoint.
  4. Catamaran for your Luxury Yacht Wedding.  Why admire the beautiful beaches and harbor from a distance when you can have your dream wedding on its magical beauty while on the most elegant and luxurious chariot such as the Catamaran?
  5. Dunbar House (built in the 1830’s) in Watson’s Bay is fine choice for an elegant wedding with its historic charm and Great Gastsby feel. You can marry indoors or under the old oak tree in Robertson Park; eyes view of the Dunbar House with its beautiful mesmerizing harbor view.

For the last 6 years Sydney Australia was voted the most desired destination by readers surveyed in the world by two leading international travel magazines – Conde Naste Traveller and Travel and Leisure. Now you know why people from all over the world travel to make their dream wedding come true with these 5 Wedding Locations in Sydney.