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Historical Sites in Sydney

Historical Sites in Sydney

Sydney has a lot of beautiful places to visit especially if you like historical sites. The Cockatoo Island is one of such sites. It stands in the middle of the Sydney Harbour and is only minutes away from Circular Quay by ferry. The Cockatoo Island has simply breath taking views complete with waterfront camp grounds and a story for every inch of it. The Cockatoo was a prison of sorts between 1839 and 1869 and was converted to one of Australian’s largest ship years in 1857. Operation stopped sometime in 1991 however they are still quite a few relics of its past remaining complete with a great tennis court overlooking the harbour bridge and Sydney for your playing pleasure. You could also do some kayaking and fishing with adherence to certain regulations such as where to fish and where to pack your (own) kayak.

The Fort Denison is also located at the Sydney Harbour. Fort Denison, better known as the Pinchgut has been around for quite some time. In 1788, the Pinchgut was nothing but a rocky, aggressively steep island that welcomed the First Fleet. Today, it is a beautiful island with history, great scenery and wildly, beautiful nature; 3 things you just can’t buy.

The Hornby Lighthouse was built in 1858 just after the fatal Dunbar wreck on South Head. A nice stroll through the harbour’s heritage trail will take you there. The National Park at Middle Head also makes for great sightseeing.  From 1806 –the late 1900s, the park was a big part of the Country’s defence mechanism that could not be done without. Take a lovely walk and see the whole of the beautiful Harbour from here.

Away from the Harbour, you can find the Hyde Park Barracks Museum located at Macquarie Street. It was both designed and built by prisoners. The building held almost 16,000 inmates (all males) between 1819 and 1848. Feel like climbing something old? You could try the 19th century lighthouse or even the destroyer in the Australian National Maritime Museum located at Murray Street of Darling Harbour. Feel like tea in a distinguished and old house? The three storey house made of sandstone is the only one of its kind from the 19th century still standing complete with stables, gardens, laundry etc. Vaucluse House originally had 206 hectares but now has a still massive but smaller 10. Fancy old music history? Then take a tour through the Sydney Opera House rank with history and architecture that will simply take your breath away. If you like the everyday and nothing out of the ordinary, then visit the Susannah place Museum home to at least 100 ordinary, working class families between 1844 and 1990.

Some say Sydney is the land of the old, some don’t really agree, but everyone agrees it’s a land of wonderful things that tell old, deep stories that shaped today.

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