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Come on over to Sydney this summer – Highlights this xmas

If you are hoping to spend your holidays in the summer sun and are looking to avoid the seasonal Gold Coast traffic, come on over to birthplace of Australia and have a grand time in Sydney.  You can certainly spend time relaxing on the beach or enjoying the surf during your Christmas time.  There is also ample opportunity to windsurf and windglide.  Ringing in the New Year is a spectacular site if you take in one of the largest fireworks displays in the world.  The brightly blooming flowers of light will shower the sky with their transient sparks, as the fireworks boom over Sydney Harbor.

You can carry on with the parade of festivals literally, by the time you get to Mardi Gras with an Australian flair.  In between the New Year’s bash and the parades of purple, green, and gold, you can get in on the Australia Day celebrations and then experience the joy of welcoming in the Chinese New Year.  Sydney Festival unfurls a bevy of theatrical, musical, dance performances across the city for the delight of all who partake.  There are any number of outdoor cinemas, which are unique reflections of this famed city.  In fact, the largest short film festival in the world, Tropfest, takes place in Sydney.

If you want the thrill of watching watercraft race, there is the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race that begins on Boxing Day.  What a way to spend the day after Christmas, ay?  Carry on being surrounded by the great outdoors by strolling through the Royal Botanic Gardens.  This may be a safer way to take in the flora of this country, as well as seeing plants, trees, and flowers from other parts of the globe.  You can go bush walking, if there are no reports of brush fire.  You can go on a walking tour of this city or even take a cruise on the harbor.

You will not starve while you are there, since Sydney does pride itself on its stamp on cuisine.  There is even the Royal National Park when you want to mix downtime with the outdoors.  Finding something to do in the summertime is not a tough task when you choose the city, which houses the world renowned Opera House. There is a great possibility that spending time in this berg, will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

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